Veteran Owned

Veteran Owned


Personnel Security Management, Inc

A Veteran & Woman Owned Company

Welcome to Personnel Security Management. We are the first of its kind security clearance processing company. Most companies do not need a full-time security clearance processer or professional security representative. That is where we come in. Our monthly service provides you with everything you need to be successful with your security program.

Joe Jessop has been in the security industry for well over 20 years. He has been the Facility Security Officer for the largest Personnel Security facility up to current the largest AA facility in the NISP Program. Joe was one of the original members on the JPAS Steering Committee and was one of 4 contractors to be awarded the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence for his role within the JPAS Program Management Team. This was the first and only time this award has been given to contractors. Joe was an adjunct facility at the DSS Academy now CDSE were he conducted hundreds of training classes around the country.

Joe is now one of two subject matter experts appointed by the NISPPAC as the Industry Program Manager for DISS.

From cradle to grave as we call it.

Initial Process

The process starts with your point of contact sending us the request to process the clearance. We contact your employee, build them into the system, initiate the request, walk them through the process, submit the eQIP to DoD, scan and upload the prints into SWFT, watch it through the process (contacting DoD when needed), obtain the eligibility, send out the required training, indoctrinate into the system & watch for the next action in the system.

Periodic Reinvestigation

We management the system and watch. Once someone is due we contact your POC for permission to initiate the request. Once granted the process above starts.

Visitor Control

We send and receive request to visit. We are experienced with all types and even track special types of request (JPAS, Paper, dual track visits, ect).

eFingerprint and SWFT Upload

Even if you are not a monthly customer we can still process your prints on your behalf. No monthly contracts required. If your personnel are not in the area they can still obtain paper prints from local police, sheriff, military installation or any security professional in most cases at little or no cost. We can take those paper prints and scan and upload them into SWFT. ***Note once the paper prints are scanned they are destroyed in an NSA approved shredder. We do not maintain any PII at our location longer then required to do the job***

Education and Training

All DoD required training is a part of our monthly service. Initial, Refresher, Insider threat and caveats. We partner with Virtual Security Training to provide quick movies that get to the point. The system even provides tracking on all training and reports for your DSS review.

DISS transition from JPAS

Most will need assistance with setting up the system. DISS is new and comes with many more features then JPAS. We are in the forefront of DISS as one of the two appointed Program Managers.


Our company was built on training. As a certified DoD Trainer and Subject Matter Expert we were the first to train JPAS at the DSS Academy now CDSE. We will offer hands on training for the new DISS that is replacing JPAS. With our hands on training most companies will be completely set up before leaving the class.

Pricing Model

Yes, we advertise our prices. We have always been the only company that will put our prices online.

Full Service Personnel Security

Personnel Security, Education and Training, SWFT and General Consulting

Cleared Personnel Monthly Fee

1-50 ----------- $500.00

51-100 --------- $1000.00

101-200 -------- $1500.00

Call for over 200 personnel


$15.00 per upload
MOU is required for each upload

Hands on Training

$500.00 per person a full class of 20 will be required for any travel.

Education and Training

$5.00 per course seat anyone outside of our full service we will send directly to Virtual Security Training.

General Security Consulting & DSS Audit Prep

$125.00 per hour.

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